Coming Soon: PLBD Skin Texture Tool!!

Posted by Administrator on 2/17/2013
This fabulous new tool from Precious Little Baby Dust creates the look of crinkly newborn skin when used with PLBD Dewy Skin medium or your chosen medium.  As you can see from the photos below, this tool will give your reborn babies that little something they have been missing.  We expect these tools to be in stock this month.  They will retail for $35.00.  Dewy Skin medium will retail for $18.00.  You can order now, but please keep in mind that they are not yet in stock.  Click here to order.  Click below to access instructions for use



Sandra Luneau
Date: 9/29/2013
Just ordered this. Can't wait to try it!!!
Sandra Luneau
Date: 9/29/2013
Does anyone know a good brand of table top oven to use for baking the babies??? Man...that sounds TERRIBLE!!! LOL!

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