Fixing Cracks in OOAK Sculpts

Posted by Jessica on 5/18/2015
By Jessica Schenk

Many of you have probably tried to fix cracks in your ooak sculpts with more clay, only to have it crack again 

In this demonstration,  I will show you how to fix the cracks for good

1)  This picture shows the crown of the head on my sculpt.  Because it is a large sculpt, it was more likely to crack when heated because of the thickness of the clay.  However, this technique can also be used on small sculpts if you happen to get cracks

2)  To start, you will need a two part epoxy putty.  You can use a gooey, glue-like epoxy or one that is more like a putty.  I am using a glue-like two part epoxy for this demonstration

3)  Mix equal parts of the epoxy until one uniform color is achieved

4)  Apply evenly to the crack

5)  Smooth the surface

6)  When the epoxy has dried completely (it will feel smooth, not tacky and cure time will vary depending on the product and the temperature), buff it smooth with a sanding block

7)  You're done :)  You can now paint your sculpt.  I highly recommend using a heat gun if you are using heat set paints instead of curing the paints in the oven as you don't want to risk creating more cracks by heating the whole head (or whatever) again

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