How to Use Go Baby Setting Spray

Posted by Jessica Schenk on 10/8/2018
How to Create Ringlet Curls with Go Baby Setting Spray and Mohair 

For this demonstration, I will show you how to make ringlet curls on a lock of yearling mohair.  You can also use this technique on alpaca hair.  The lock has been washed and dyed but not conditioned.  This technique should be done on hair that is already rooted so that you don't mess up the curls while rooting.  Unfortunately, I don't currently have a baby with longish hair to demonstrate on.  The last two pictures, however show short hair that I have used setting spray on to give the style memory and to tame the hairs around the temples so they don't stick out.  My model is Clyde Sleeping by Bountiful Baby 

1.  You will need Go Baby Setting Spray,  a pencil, your finger, or any other cylindrical object, depending on the size of curls you are going for

2.  Saturate the hair with setting spray, one lock at a time.  If you saturate the whole head, the setting spray will begin to dry before you are done.  I recommend that you spray the setting spray on a toothbrush and brush a small lock of hair until saturated.  Then wrap the hair around the pencil tightly.  Then gently pull the pencil out in a downward motion while maintaining the structure of the curl.  It helps if you start at the nape of the neck and work up so that you don't disturb curls you have already created  

3.  When dry, the curl should look like the below picture.  Drying time will vary depending on how thick each lock of hair is.  I used a pretty large lock of hair, so it took several hours to dry.  You can use smaller pieces to make smaller ringlets or you can separate the curls as I have done in the third to last picture

Gently pull down on the ringlet to soften.  I don't recommend brushing or combing as this will disturb the structure of the curl

Curls will be springy and remain like this until brushed or wetted down again

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