Super Sculpey, Living Doll Clay & Cernit

Posted by Jessica on 2/21/2013
I am happy to say that we have added more colors of Living Doll® polymer clay to our inventory.  We now have Brown and Baby in addition to Light and Beige.  Living Doll is by far my favorite clay.  I rarely get moonies or cracks after baking and I find this clay to be very durable.  It blends seams beautifully and is the perfect balance of pliable but firm.  It is lovely for ooak babies and fairies or any other small figures.  It can be used for life-size baby doll sculpts as well but you do have more of a risk of cracks and moonies the larger the sculpt.  For sculpts that you plan on reproducing I recommend Super Sculpey® (coming soon) because it is less expensive.  It's color is less lifelike but if the sculpt is only meant for reproduction, it won't matter ;)  

We will also be adding  Cernit in Flesh and Caramel.  Cernit is a gorgeous clay that has a porcelain-like finish.  It is a little more difficult to work with because it responds to the heat of your hands by becoming very soft.  Many people like to blend Cernit with firmer clays to make it more workable and get more detail out of the clay.  

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