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Premium Mohair For Rooting Reborn Doll ~ Yearling

Premium Mohair For Rooting Reborn Doll ~ Yearling

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Premium Yearling Mohair, 5 to 7" in length

1/4 oz (.25 oz) 

Premium, top of the line mohair for your reborn baby. This mohair is silky soft and shiny! Please use menu for color selection.

Acid dyed for color fastness~~Colors guaranteed not to run (When styled with plain water.  Some spray conditioners can react with the darker dyes and cause them to run. Our dyes are compatible with our spray conditioner)

  • Kid: Very fine mohair that is typically curly or has a small wave pattern
  • Yearling: Fine in texture but a little more course than kid and usually having a larger wave pattern
  • Adult: Can vary from medium fine to course. Adult mohair is most likely to have a loose/straight wave pattern and is great for toddler hair
Please see last picture in picture gallery for visual reference of wave patterns 
Please note: 
  • Due to differences in monitor settings and lighting, we cannot guarantee that the mohair you receive will match the photo exactly. Colors of Mohair can vary from batch to batch. For example, if you purchased light brown 2 weeks ago and purchase it again today, it may not be an exact match

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Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews

Gorgeous mohair!! So shiny and soft. I wish I can post a picture to show how beautiful this mohair looks on my reborn baby!!

Morris Tolton
Premium mohair

Wonderful to root with, and would recommend it to all reborners!

Joanne Friedrich
Premium mohair

This mohair is beautiful! I already ordered more in dark blond.

Tina Cole

This is by far, some of the best and softest mohair I have ever used! It is so easy to use, and does not tangle at all! People cannot believe that my reborn creations are dolls, and are shocked when they touch your mohair! They swear it is real baby hair!


Great product. Very soft hair.